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29th November to 1st December 2012 10:00 am - 08:30 pm



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Bangalore, India
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November 29, 2012, 3:00 pm

Autotest Hackspace


Autotest is a framework for fully automated testing. It is designed primarily to test the Linux kernel, though it is useful for many other functions such as to measure performance of subsystems. It's an open-source project under the GPL and is used and developed by a number of organizations, including Google, IBM, Red Hat, and many others.
This has been one of most active open source test tools as many patches are pouring and maintainers are also doing a very good job of keeping all the possible communication channels of Autotest active. Autotest is widely used by almost every organization or individual investing effort on Linux Kernel Testing. Refer to for more information about Autotest.
Linux, being the poster child of open source development involves very complex pieces of heterogenous modules with hundreds of thousands of lines of code developed by hundreds of developers across the globe. Pace of development of Linux features is much ahead than the pace at which the Linux OS is being tested. Testing is the backbone of building any successful product. The young student community can start making changes to the testing model of Linux by start contributing during the college days to the industry standard project like Autotest.
There are various ways to this, one of the best possible way is to help student community to hack/develop some of the testing solutions. To kickstart this effort we are planning to conduct Autotest Hackfest. As we want to work on interesting area during the Hackspace we will be slecting some problems in Networking subsystem. So that at the end of the session we will be having code which will automate testing of packages related to Linux Networking subsystem.
In Autotest Hackfest we will help participants understand the tool and straight away start writting the code for testing some of the interesting packages in latest Fedora OS. Developed code will be mailed to the Autotest mailing list. Group of Linux testing professionals from IBM Linux Technology Centre will drive this hackspace and make this a successful event with challenging problems.

Hall: Hall 2 [220] Track: Testing Type: Talk