Wikidata: the foundation to build your apps on Attend

Lydia Pintscher
Scheduled at:
November 29, 2012, 11:45 am
Hall 1 [500]
Development Tools and Languages
Wikipedia has changed the lives of many people by providing them access to the knowledge of the world. However Wikimedia, the movement behind Wikipedia and its sister-projects, has still not reached its goal of providing this knowledge to everyone for free. One large obstacle is the fact that smaller Wikipedias do not have the manpower to maintain an article base as large as the bigger Wikipedias can.
This problem is now being tackled with Wikidata (, a new Wikimedia project. It will build a large common free and open data repository for the Wikipedias and the world. This will allow the small Wikipedias to benefit from the research work that the large Wikipedias are doing. At the same time this will build a repository of facts about the world we live in - from the date of birth of a famous person to the length of a river to the number of inhabitants of a city. Wikidata is currently being built as part of a 1-year project at Wikimedia Germany with funding from Google, [ai]ᅡᄇ and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. By December it will be possible to start building applications using the data in Wikidata. A lot is possible. Let¬タルs take a look at the what and how!

I want to give people the necessary knowledge to be able to use the data that the Wikipedia community will provide in Wikidata soon. Wikidata is a game-changer for Wikipedia and the audience of can be a part of it.